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Rules for the 2016 Pacesetter Soccer Invitational

2016 Pacesetter Soccer Invitational
Tournament Rules and Regulations

Tournament Headquarters & Contact Information:
The Pacesetter Soccer Club
Directors: (Admin) Bob Lutz 419-343-6603; (Site) Mike Neenan 419-345-9960
Tournament Scheduler: Dave York 248-255-5156
5400 W Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43615 Phone: 419-885-3140; Fax: 419-885-5463



The rules applying to the Pacesetter Soccer Invitational apply only to the tournament which shall become applicable at the beginning of the first game leading to the competition in the following age groups: both male and female U7/8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 and U17. Violations of these rules of the competition may result in forfeiture of games, dismissal from the tournament, probation, inability to enter future PSI Tournaments, or other penalties.


A. This tournament is open to properly registered players of all State Associations, U.S. Club Soccer, USSF affiliates, and foreign teams.
B. All teams/players/coaches must be currently registered and in good standing with their State, National, or Provincial association. Player/coach passes must be signed and laminated. Canadian and International teams will be required to provide the equivalent player picture identification cards.
C. By completing the correct entry form, teams declare that they are entering the Pacesetter Soccer Invitational, and by doing so agree to continue competition until eliminated. Each team will have the opportunity to play a minimum of three games. The team must include the appropriate fee with each entry form. Team entry deadline is March 31, 2016.
D. USYSA Teams traveling outside of Ohio Youth Soccer Association North must obtain a Travel Permission Form through their state association. Foreign teams must present document at check-in from its Provincial or National Association approving the team’s participation in the tournament.
E. All challenges as to player and/or team eligibility must be raised in writing after the player and/or team in question has participated in a match. Such challenges must be filed with the Tournament Director, or in his absence, the Site Director, within 30 minutes of the conclusion of a match by a coach or team manager of the opposing team. A $100 cash challenge bond, which shall be forfeited in the event the challenge is not upheld, must accompany each and every such challenge.
F. Any team found to have used an ineligible player in any game will forfeit that match. Reference section 14 (Forfeits/Byes) for detailed explanation of consequence.
G. Maximum roster sizes:
• 12 players for teams aged U7/8 – U10 playing 6v6
• 14 players for teams aged U10 – U12 playing 8v8
• 18 players for teams aged U12 – U18 playing 11v11

A. A mandatory team registration must be completed by the coach or manager on Friday, May 27rd from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm at the Pacesetter Field house, 5400 W. Central Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615.

B. Registration Documents. Teams must present a copy of their USYSA/US Club team roster, player passes and medical release forms for each participant, travel permission forms, and guest player forms/travel permission where applicable. Per Ohio Law: all coaches and managers listed on the team roster must also provide a Copy of Certificate of Completion for Concussion Training from the NFHS course.


A. All teams will determine age of players as of August 1st. For example all players born on or after August 1st, 2000 are considered under 15. PSI will use the U.S. Youth Soccer Registration Ages for season 2015-2016. Boys and Girls Divisions are available in the following age groups:

• Under 17 August 1, 1998 to July 31, 1999 and younger
• Under 16 August 1, 1999 to July 31, 2000 and younger
• Under 15 August 1, 2000 to July 31, 2001 and younger
• Under 14 August 1, 2001 to July 31, 2002 and younger
• Under 13 August 1, 2002 to July 31, 2003 and younger
• Under 12 August 1, 2003 to July 31, 2004 and younger
• Under 11 August 1, 2004 to July 31, 2005 and younger
• Under 10 August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2006 and younger
• Under 09 August 1, 2006 to July 31, 2007 and younger
• Under 08 August 1, 2007 to July 31, 2008 and younger

B. Girls may roster on boys’ teams; boys may not roster on girls’ teams.
C. U10 and older teams/player may play up in any age division of the tournament with approval by the tournament committee. In case of withdrawal of any team or a bracket with few entries, the tournament committee will choose the replacement team or devise a system to choose a replacement team, which may come from a younger aged team.
D. U8, U9 and U10 teams playing 6v6 may dress up to 12 players per game.
E. U10, U11 and U12 teams playing 8v8 may dress up to 14 players per game.
F. U12-U17/18 playing 11v11 may dress up to 18 players per game.

A. A maximum of five (5) guest players may be added to the official league or association roster for all age groups.
B. Guest players may come from any FIFA or USSF affiliated association/team. Guest players must be from the same USSF affiliate as the team they are requesting to guest play with. For example: US Club guest players may only play on US Club rostered teams, etc.
C. A current approved player pass is required for each guest player.
D. A jersey must be provided to the guest player by the host team.

A. The first team listed in the schedule is the home team.
B. The home team must have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change, if in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict.
C. No sharing of jerseys permitted.
D. Teams and rostered coaches only will position themselves on the same side of the field.
E. Each team coach in the area of the team must carry an approved Coach’s Pass. Every team must have at least one properly carded coach with the team during the game.
F. The following rules apply to multiple rostered coaches. Coaches must carry a pass specific to every team for which they are coaching. Coaches who are ejected are not permitted to coach that specific team in the next game of that team, but are permitted to coach other teams, PROVIDING that they carry a correct, current year pass for that team. Coaches carrying only one card who are suspended until after the team plays again, will not be permitted to coach other teams until the suspension is served (the team for which the coach was suspended completes play in the subsequent game).
G. Coaching may only occur on the team’s half of the touchline from the centerline to within 30 yards of the end line.
H. Spectators for both teams will be positioned on the opposite side of the field. Spectators are not permitted behind the goals.
I. Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervision of their children at all times. In the event that a child is lost, immediately notify any volunteer with a radio who will notify the police. Found children will be brought to tournament headquarters to be reunited with parents/guardians.
J. Both team coaches must sign the game card after verifying both scores. The burden of verifying the correct score posted on the game card and official scoreboard falls upon the responsibility of the winning coach. Any scores that are marked incorrectly on the game card will affect the standings.
K. There will be no pre-game warm-up on the field. Plan your pre-game warm-up in an adjoining area and be prepared to start their game on time.

A. Every player participating shall have an approved player pass that will be collected prior to the start of the match.
B. Each field player shall wear a numbered jersey in an acceptable soccer style of like color with a permanently affixed unique number clearly visible on the back.
C. Numbered goalkeeper jersey for goalkeepers are optional (field jerseys for keepers must meet the above criteria). Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players on both teams and the game officials. Shirt/jerseys will be tucked into player’s shorts at all times.
D. No player shall be allowed to register with more than one team in any given bracket or switch to another team during the tournament. Players may be registered with more than one team if the teams apply to and are accepted into different brackets. For example, a U10 player may not be registered with two teams playing in the U10 6v6 Gold but could be registered to a team playing U10 6v6 Gold and U10 6v6 Silver.
E. In case of challenge by an official or another team; each team should carry with it, proof of age for every player on the roster. Such proof is an original or certified copy (notarized) birth certificate, naturalization papers, or current passport. Baptismal, hospital certificate, or school records are not acceptable.
F. In case medical treatment is required for a player, each team must also carry with it a medical liability/waiver form for each player and guest player, signed by that player’s parent or guardian permitting emergency medical treatment or a US Club Soccer Medical Treatment Authorization and Liability Waiver (Form #R002).
G. Non-eligible players, due to red card/ejection infractions from a previous game(s) or other disciplinary action, are not permitted to wear the team uniform and may not be on the team side with the team during the game. Coaches may attend the game, sit on the spectator side, but must remain completely silent during the game, and may not talk to the team before the game or at half time. Players and coaches who violate this policy are dismissed from the tournament, and may incur additional penalties.
H. Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by a sock.
I. Any cast, hard or soft, must be properly wrapped and approved by the match referee for consideration to play. Ultimately, permission to play with any cast is at the discretion of the match referee.


A. U7/8 through U10 – 6v6
1. Maximum number of 6 players on the field: 5 field players and a goalie.
2. Will play minimum 3 games, no more than 2 games per day.
3. Minimum field size is 35 yards by 45 yards; maximum is 45 yards by 55 yards.
4. Goal size is 7 feet high by 21 feet wide.
5. One official per game. Parents are not allowed to be “official line judges”.
6. Offsides is NOT in effect.

B. U10 through U12 – 8v8
1. Maximum number of 8 players on the field: 7 field players and a goalie.
2. Will play minimum 3 games, no more than 2 games per day.
3. Minimum field size is 45 yards by 70 yards; maximum is 55 yards by 80 yards.
4. Goal size is 7 feet high by 21 feet wide.
5. Three officials per game.
6. Offsides is in effect.

C. U12 through U18 – 11v11
1. Maximum number of 11 players on the field: 10 field players and a goalie.
2. Will play minimum 3 games, no more than 2 games per day.
3. Field size meets FIFA regulations.
4. Goal size is 8 feet high by 24 feet wide.
5. Three officials per game.
6. Offsides is in effect.

D. The tournament reserves the right to combine flights and/or age groups, depending on the total number of teams in identified age divisions. Teams will be notified 10 days prior to the tournament, if groups are to be combined.
E. The first round of play is a round robin. Advancement is determined by points and the number of teams in the bracket. Minimum number of teams in any age/bracket is 4; maximum is 16.
F. Games may start on Friday evening, May 27th. Semi-finals and finals will be on Sunday, May 29 and Monday, May 30.


Age Division Tournament Regulation Game Lengths Ball Size Overtime Still Tied
Under 15-18 2X35 minute halves 5 2X5 minute periods, FIFA PK
Under 13Y-14 2X30 minute halves 5 2X5 minute periods, FIFA PK
Under 11-12 2X30 minute halves 4 2X5 minute periods, FIFA PK
Under 08-10Y 2X25 minute halves 4 2X5 minute periods, FIFA PK
In games needing a winner (quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals), in some cases, at the discretion of the Tournament Director, overtime periods may not be held, and a tied game may go immediately to FIFA PKs.
A. The tournament will provide a game ball to be used in all matches. If additional balls are needed, either team may provide them.

A. Substitutes must enter at the midfield line. Unlimited substitutions for all age groups will be allowed with the consent of the referee:
a) After a goal by either team.
b) Prior to a goal kick by either team.
c) Prior to a throw-in. The team in possession of the ball for a throw-in may substitute. If the team in possession of the ball for a throw-in substitutes players, the opposing team may substitute the same number of players, at the discretion of the referee.
d) At half time and the start of any overtime period (in the playoffs).
e) After an injury, one-for-one by both teams, when the referee stops play.
f) After a caution, the cautioned player may be substituted one-for-one.
g) Blood Rule – any player who is bleeding and/or has blood on any part of the uniform will be sent off the field by the referee. A substitution can be made. The player sent off may return once the bleeding is stopped and/or bandaged. The affected uniform must be cleaned before the player may re-enter the game.

A team failing to field the proper number of players at the scheduled starting time, or at any time during the match, will forfeit the game. 6v6 teams must field four (4) players. 8v8 teams must field five (5) players. 11v11 teams must field seven (7) players. The scores of forfeited games will be as listed in Section 14.

A. The diagonal system of control is used with certified referees.
B. Referees must be currently registered with USSF; international referees must be certified by their national association.
C. Referees are assigned for all matches using the three official system; however, U10-U18 teams should be prepared to provide a “club linesperson”, if necessary. The “club linesperson” may only determine balls out of play. Exception: 6 v 6 matches will have one referee.

Failure to complete a match, or a team leaving the field during play, will result in forfeiture. No team that has forfeited a game will be declared a group or wild card winner. All forfeits, no matter what the cause, and all games vs. the BYE are by a score determined as follows. The largest goal differential in the bracket in which the team plays will be given to the team not forfeiting or team vs. the BYE, and the forfeiting/BYE team will be given a score of zero (0). For example, the greatest goal differential in a game is 4 goals in a 6-2 game. The score of the forfeit (and the BYE) will be a 4-0. A forfeit does not exist until the official start of the game, when one team fails to appear, or less than the number of players listed above for the appropriate age group appears. A team can win a forfeited game only if they are present at game time or the tournament committee has received in writing a signed statement from the coach or team administrator declaring the game a forfeit.
If at any point in the play-offs, a team chooses not to continue, PSI reserves the right to move other teams forward into its position, even if that team has already lost. Teams who choose not to continue may not be invited to participate in the Pacesetter Soccer Invitational in the future.

A. A field marshal system is utilized to keep the games on time and as a first line of communication in the event of a problem.
B. There will be one field marshal for every two to four fields.
C. Each field marshal will have a communications radio. A field marshal will immediately radio to the medical tent for ice or medical attention for an injured player if needed.

A. No overtime will be played during group competition.
B. Red cards will be administered as per FIFA laws of the game.
1. A player sent off for a second caution will not be allowed to play for the remainder of that game and the next game.
2. The referee will display both the yellow and the red cards to indicate the dismissal for a second cautionable offense.
3. A player sent off for any other reason will not be allowed to play for the remainder of that game and the next game at a minimum.
4. Violence may result in more than a one game suspension by the Tournament Disciplinary Committee decision. If a player receives a red card, the player pass will be retained by the referee and forwarded to headquarters. After the suspension is served, the coach or team manager may pick up the pass in the headquarters tent.
C. Un-served red cards will be returned to the coach at the coach’s request at the conclusion of the team’s final game.
1. A red card report will be sent to the proper association within 48 hours of the team’s last game.
2. Unclaimed red cards will be held until forwarding instructions are given by the team or club official.

In the event any match is stopped before full time, all players must remain available at the site until a resolution is determined. In the event the stoppage is due to severe weather, everyone shall take cover, but remain at the site.
The tournament committee will determine whether an unfinished game shall be forfeited, resumed or replayed, based on the circumstances at the time play was suspended. If neither team is adjudged at fault, a game may be resumed, replayed or considered complete. If neither team is adjudged at fault, the following rules apply:
1. Tournament final games must be played to completion, except in extraordinary circumstances. If play is stopped during the second half and play cannot be resumed as determined by the tournament or site director, and if neither team is at fault, the tournament committee may deem the game complete. If play can continue, the tournament or site director will determine whether to resume and at what point the game will resume. If play is stopped at any time due to one of the teams being adjudged to be at fault, it shall be at the discretion of the tournament committee whether the game is to be replayed or declared a forfeit.
2. For all other competitions, if the game is stopped during the first half, if time permits, the game will be completed. As a second alternative, the first half will be completed. If time does not permit completion of a game that has not reached half time, a tie will be declared, the score will be recorded as a 2-2- tie and each team will receive one point towards advancing. If the game is stopped during the second half, if time permits the tournament and/or the site director will decide if the game shall be completed. If the game cannot be finished, the score at the time of stoppage will become official for purposes of advancement.

18. DRAW:
Placement into brackets is by double-blind draw. Prior to the draw every attempt will be made to separate teams who have played each other in their 2015-2016 league season; however, there is no guarantee. Bracket position will be determined by each team’s league/tournament success for the past two seasonal years. Any crossover games between groups shall be drawn by lot or determined prior the draw.

Teams may indicate a preference to not play at a particular time; however, there is no guarantee that the request will be or can be honored. Entry by a team is a commitment to play games as scheduled.
Requests for game changes will not be accepted after the schedule is final. A preliminary schedule will be posted and e-mailed to a team official by APRIL 29, 2016. At this time, coaches of multiple teams can list their potential conflicts. Consideration will be given but cannot be promised, for resolving conflicts. Conflicts and requests for changes will be entertained at that time, but no guarantees for changes will be made.
The final schedule will be posted and e-mailed to the team official on MAY 9, 2016. All game times are subject to change, at the discretion of the tournament committee.

A. Group standings shall be determined on the basis of 3 points for each win, 1 point for each tie and 0 points for each loss.
B. In normal circumstances, divisions with eight or fewer entrants will not have more than two teams advance. If three brackets exist, the following advance: each group winner plus one team designated the “Wild Card” defined as the next best standing of all teams. In 4-group divisions, group winners advance. In some divisions, the top four records, regardless of bracketing may advance. An attempt will be made to separate teams in the semi-finals who have played each other in the preliminary round. For example, if Winner A has played the Wildcard, the bracketing will be changed to Winner A vs. Winner C and Winner B vs. Wildcard. If this pairing produces teams who have played each other, the tournament director will draw for positions for semifinals. That draw may result in seeded teams playing in the semifinal, but that draw for position will be final.

GROUP STANDINGS TIE BREAKER: In the event of ties in the group standing, the following procedure will determine the group winner:
1. Team with the most wins (if tied go to step 2).
2. Winner of the game played between the tied teams. (If three or more teams are tied for the group lead, step 2 is by-passed, go to step 3).
3. Highest number of total NET goals (goal differential). Maximum goal differential per game is six (6). (i.e. For a score of 7-1, goal differential is 6 for the winner and -6 for the loser. For a score of 9-2, goal differential is also 6 and -6 as above).
4. Fewer total goals allowed (gross).
5. Penalty kicks (FIFA laws of the game). If two advancing teams are tied, their bracket position will be determined by a coin toss. The selection remains subject to the rule designed to exclude semi-final play against a team played in qualifying rounds.

** If more than two teams are tied in points, the sequence shall be followed until one or more teams are eliminated. Once one or more teams have been eliminated, the remaining teams still tied shall then restart the sequence above until the tie is broken.

WILD CARD SELECTION PROCESS: The selection of a wild card team, if required, shall be determined by:
1 Non-group winner with the most total points.
2 Non-group winner with the most wins.
3 Winner of the game, if applicable, played between the tied teams (If three or more teams are tied for the wildcard, Step is bypassed, go to Step 4).
4 Net Goal Differential (See #3 above)
5 Fewer total goals allowed (gross).
6 *Penalty kicks (FIFA laws of the game, see definition below). If two advancing teams are tied, their bracket position will be determined by a coin toss. The selection remains subject to the rule designed to exclude semi-final play against a team played in qualifying rounds.
*If penalty kicks are to be the deciding factor as to which team/s advance out of the group stage and it is at a time and location that does not immediately follow a competitive game between the involved teams then all rostered players will be eligible to take a kick. All other FIFA penalty kick rules apply.

If more than two teams are tied in points, the sequence shall be followed until one or more teams are eliminated. Once one or more teams have been eliminated, the remaining teams still tied shall then restart the sequence above until the tie is broken.
TIE BREAKERS SEMI-FINAL, AND FINAL GAMES: Ties during championship or playoff games are settled by 2 x 5 minute overtime periods. Both periods will be played in duration. If a tie still exists after 10 minutes of play, FIFA penalty kicks will prevail.

At the conclusion of the match, team officials (manager or coach) must report to the referees to retrieve team player cards and verify and sign the official game report. The winning team is responsible for carrying the game report back to the scoring table (located in the tournament headquarters tent). Upon the commencement of semifinal or final play, all prior scores will be considered final.

Scores will be posted as quickly as possible on the official scoreboard located next to the tournament headquarters tent. Coaches should report any discrepancies to Headquarters prior to their next game. If wild cards need to be determined, coaches need to report their score immediately after their Sunday morning games. Wild cards will be determined at the site as indicated on that division's schedule.

A. The purpose of the Pacesetter Soccer Invitational is to provide high-level competition. It is also in the best interests of the game for the behavior and conduct of all participant and spectators to add and not detract from the positive atmosphere of competition in a youth activity. Therefore, excellent behavior at all matches is expected. Poor behavior by any participant or spectator will not be tolerated. There shall be no dissent by players and/or coaches towards the referee. Questioning the referee is considered dissent.
B. Any player or coach sent off from a game must physically leave the field and will be ineligible to participate in at least the next scheduled game, and must appear before the Tournament Disciplinary Committee before eligibility can be reinstated. Spectating from the sideline is not permitted. Any coach or player ejected from a second game will be ineligible to participate in the rest of the Tournament, including the semi-finals and finals.
C. Coaches and/or team managers are responsible for the conduct of their supporters. Spectators can be dealt with as a group or as individuals. Spectators from teams who do not behave in an acceptable manner jeopardize the ability of all spectators from that team to attend the next game of their team. The Tournament Director and Tournament Disciplinary Committee will define acceptability of behavior. If requested the team manager and team coach will be required to attend a meeting with the Tournament Disciplinary Committee who can deny the spectators the ability to watch the next game of their team. Spectators who do not comply will cause their team to forfeit the next game.
D. Any specific parent, relative, or fan of a team asked to leave the site by the referee, field marshal, tournament/site director must do so at once. If a spectator refuses to leave the field (sight and sound) when told to do so by the referee or tournament official, the coach of the spectator’s team must enforce the ban. If the person refuses to do so, the game will be delayed while the police are called.
E. Any player or spectator found using any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on premises will be expelled from the tournament.
F. Any player who destroys or steals property will be expelled from the tournament.

The absolute deadline for entry is given in the Invitation to Participate materials. The date is the date received in the office. Fees must accompany entries. Late teams may be accepted at the discretion of the tournament committee until May 20th.

A. Only challenges as to the legality or eligibility of players/teams and/or coaches are permitted as outlined in above Sections. Refer to Section 2: Application & Team Eligibility (line E).
B. Referee judgment will NOT be a basis for protest. All decisions by the referee are final.
D. The Protest Committee’s decision is final.

The Pacesetter Soccer Club, its Board of Trustees and employees, the Pacesetter Soccer Invitational Tournament Committee, the Tournament Director, the United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association North, and all soccer organizations participating in this tournament will not be responsible for any expense incurred by any team, club, or person if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part.

Pacesetter Park has informed The Pacesetter Soccer Invitational that all participants are not permitted to use grills or tents on the site, and that coolers and food should not be brought into the facility. No animals are permitted. NO RV’s ARE PERMITTED IN THE PARK. Players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators are expected to clean up their trash and place it into the bins provided. No firearms are permitted on premises.

By entering this tournament, every participant agrees to accept the jurisdiction of the Tournament Committee or its members, The Pacesetter Soccer Club, its Board of Trustees and employees, Pacesetter Park, the United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer Association, and United States Youth Soccer Association North in all matters of dispute. No official, coach, club, league, referee, player or their representative may invoke the aid of the Courts of any political or governmental entity without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate affiliated soccer organizations as set forth in these rules, the Constitution and Bylaws of The Pacesetter Soccer Club, the Constitution and Bylaws of the United States Soccer Federation, the Constitution and Bylaws of the United States Youth Soccer Association, and the Constitution and Bylaws of the United States Youth Soccer Association North. For violation of this rule, the offending party shall be subject for all expenses incurred by these associations and/or their officers, as appropriate, in defending each court action, including, but not limited to, court costs, attorney(s) fees and reasonable compensation for all time and expenses.

Teams certify by their entry that they meet all qualifications as to the roster of their teams, add, drops and transfers and meet all qualifications as to the roster of their teams, add, drops and transfers and meet all rules of the competition. Any team found to have violated the rules that cause Pacesetter Soccer Invitational and The Pacesetter Soccer Club to receive any penalty or fine from the state, regional, or national level, will pay the fine both to the state, regional, or national entity, plus the same amount to The Pacesetter Soccer Club. A team and/or club found to be ineligible through falsification of its rosters or other rules shall be reported to the United States Soccer Federation which further disciplinary action by USSF may include fines, suspension of persons, teams, or clubs, and placement in bad standing with all entities of the USSF for a period of time to be determined by the disciplinary process.

A. Severe weather is a possibility. Weather reports are monitored very closely.
B. If weather or the condition of fields makes it impossible to carry out the tournament to its full extent; the tournament committee will make the necessary decisions concerning the rearrangement or cancellation of games for any reason.
C. The tournament committee has the right to shorten the length of games.
D. The tournament committee has the right to institute water breaks, if the heat index is high. This is not a coaching break; players must remain on the field.
E. The decision to suspend games due to lightning is made by the tournament committee with the aid of the lightning strike detector located at Pacesetter Park.
1. A game may be suspended by the tournament committee without being terminated.
2. If there is a need to suspend any games due to severe weather, the field marshals will be notified over the radio.
3. The games will resume as soon as the “all-clear” signal is given. All adjustments will be announced at that time.
4. In the event that the call is made to terminate a game, if ½ of the game has been played before termination for weather conditions or by tournament committee decision, the game stands as a completed match.
F. When games are suspended, coaches and players are instructed to proceed to the nearest safe location: buses, cars, or the shelters at Pacesetter Park.
1. Coaches are requested to stay with their teams during weather situations.
2. All Clear announcements will be made by the audible “all clear” signal.
3. Coaches/players and spectators should stay in a safe location until they see field marshals return to their posts with radios.
4. Coaches should then proceed to their respective field marshals to receive instructions on resuming games.

A. Coaches/managers are required to bring player cards and medical release forms to every game.
B. The Tournament Directors’ interpretation of the foregoing rules/regulations shall be final.
C. The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the PSI.
D. Each coach must present proof of completing an Ohio State Concussion Certification Course. The certificate should be with them at all times. Any coaches coming from out of state or out of country must complete the Ohio State Concussion course.

Once the team has applied and been accepted, no refunds will be granted. In the event that the tournament is canceled due to unforeseen conditions i.e. acts of God/war, fees are non-refundable if games or the tournament are cancelled for any reason.

A. All play-offs will have 1st and 2nd place games only with trophies awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams.
B. All trophies will be awarded at a ceremony area within 45 minutes from the end of the final game.
C. All players in U7/8 and U9 ages will be given a participation award that will be presented at the conclusion of the team’s final match.
D. Photo opportunities are available at the award presentation area.
Ohio has passed a law, formerly House Bill 143, that requires all Coaches, Referees and league officials to undergo Concussion Awareness training every three years. This law applies to all youth sports including recreational, travel, indoor and premier soccer. The new law, ORC 3707.52, becomes effective April 26, 2013. As part of that law, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is required to produce a Concussion and head injury information sheet and also provide links to free training on concussion awareness. ODH has done that and the information may be found on their web site at: http://www.healthyohioprogram.org/concussion.aspx.
Quick Links
Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet
Ohio’s Return to Play Law: What Coaches and Referees Need to Know
Ohio’s Return to Play Law: What Parent/Guardians Need to Know


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