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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a LOST AND FOUND?
Yes. Lost and Found, during the event, is located in the HQ Tent. AFter the event, we will post all lost and found on the lost and found page (viewable by clicking on the Lost and Found tab in the left navigation margin).
The application form does not look right on my screen (overlapping drop down boxes, long rows over the input fields, etc.) What is going on?
First, you should let the ENTIRE form load BEFORE you scroll. It is a big form.

In short, your computer does not have enough memory (RAM) available to render the form correctly. Here is the solution that will work in most cases:

1. Clear the cache (temporary files) in Internet Explorer (Usually Tools>Internet Options>Remove Temporary files
2. Shut down Internet Explorer
3. Restart the computer
4. Open JUST MS Internet Explorer.
5. Go to Web site, fill out form.

In most cases, this will solve the problem....
Can a player play on more than one team during the tournament?
Yes, but the player may not play on two teams in the same division.
Is PSI a US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournament?
Is this a restricted or unrestricted tournament?
PSI is an unrestricted tournament
My club has the same coach for more than one team. Can you schedule those teams so that they don't play at the same time?
We will make every effort to accommodate requests like this, however teams MUST make alternate coaching provisions in the event this request cannot be honored.
Do I need to present the player cards before each game?
Yes, player cards will be checked by the opposing team manager before each tournament game.

For some matches, Tournament Officials may also check approved tournament roster in addition to player cards.
I have a handicap-parking pass. May I use the on-site parking?
Yes, anyone with a handicap-parking pass may use on-site tournament parking provided that the lot is not full. We cannot guarantee that designated handicap spots will be available.
I have a parking permit-why does it say LOT FULL? Can I still use the on-site parking?
When the available parking spaces become limited, a "Lot Full" sign will be posted at both entrances to the facility at Sylvania-Metamora Rd. and Mitchaw Rd. Even if you have a parking permit you will need to utilize the Player Drop-Off area and then use the off-site parking and shuttle service.
I have a PSI parking pass. Which entrance to the park should I use?
You may enter the Pacesetter Park facility with a parking pass at the SYLVANIA-METAMORA ROAD ENTRANCE ONLY
Where do I get parking passes for on-site parking?
Parking passes can be picked up at Team Check-in Friday May 27th at 5400 West Central Avenue, Toledo OH 43615 from 6:30-10:00 PM.
Do I need to submit a copy of my Certificate of Completion of an approved concussion training course?
All carded coaches/managers must only present the certificate to a tournament official at team registration on Friday, May 27th. Coaches and managers must carry a copy/electronic copy of this certificate during the tournament weekend.

Please be sure that your certification is up to date. Most are for 3 years and many coaches need to update these certifications for 2016.
Does Pacesetter Park have rules/policies regarding R.V's, pets and grills?
R.V's will not be permitted to use the onsite-parking lot for the PSI Tournament Weekend.

More information regarding Pacesetter Park Policies can be found at the Sylvania Recreation website at: http://www.playsylvania.com

Some General Policies are:

•Moving/modifying any sports equipment is strictly prohibited
• Camping is not permitted
• Off-Road Vehicles are not permitted
• Alcohol is not permitted
• Grills or cookers are not permitted on the premises.
• Pets are not allowed.
• Golfing is not allowed on any areas at Pacesetter Park
• Smoking is not permitted in any game areas. Smoking is allowed in the parking lot areas only.
• Soliciting is not permitted
• Foul Language is not permitted by players or spectators. If you are found breaking this policy you may be asked to leave the facility.
How do I use the Player Drop-Off Area? The lot is full and I want to make sure my player arrives at the field on time.
If the lot is full, you may drop players in the designated drop-off area. Please refer to the facility map. You must enter the facility from MITCHAW RD. and follow the signage to the designated PLAYER DROP-OFF area. Upon dropping off the players, you must exit the facility at Mitchaw Rd. and park your vehicle in the designated off-site Shuttle Parking lot.

**Please note, the PLAYER DROP-OFF AREA is in a different area than the SHUTTLE DROP-OFF/PICK-UP AREA. Please DO NOT use the SHUTTLE DROP-OFF/PICK UP AREA to drop/pick-up players.
I coach 3 teams. Will I get 3 parking passes that I can share with my teams?
No, only ONE parking pass per coach will be issued.
My state does not require an updated concussion certificate every 3 years. Do I still need to re-certify/obtain an updated certificate?
Per our sanctioning organization, coaches will need to update their concussion certificate if it was issued/course completed over three years ago. An updated certificate is needed to participate in an Ohio tournament/event. This is an Ohio State Law not simply a PSI rule.

You may use the link below to complete the training: http://www.ohionorthsoccer.org/concussion_training/
My state does not require coaches to complete a concussion training course. Do I still need to complete a course?
Yes, All coaches participating in an Ohio sanctioned tournament must complete this course and provide a copy of their certification of completion to the tournament officials at team registration.

In April 2013, the Return to Play law was passed in Ohio, requiring all youth coaches to complete a concussion training course.

If your coach does not currently have a certificate of completion for a concussion training course, he/she can take a free online course through NFHS at:
The Certificate for my Concussion Training Course has expired. What do I do?
If a coach or manager does not have a current certificate of completion he/she may use one of the links listed below. It takes about 20 minutes to complete. Please use one of these 2 options:
Quick Links: NFHS Learning Center
CDC Video Training Site:
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Does our team have to use the Tournament's Housing service?
You must stay in an approved Tournament Hotel. Click on the HOTELS tab on the top menu to see a list of the approved hotels.
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How do I get to Registration?
Directions to PSI Registration at 5400 W. Central Ave. Toledo, OH 43615:

Exit 475 N or S at Central Ave.
Turn right onto Central Ave.
After passing through the intersection of Holland-Sylvania Rd/Central Ave (Wal-Mart is on the corner), turn left at the 2nd light into the parking lot for Key Bank Field- Home of the Pacesetter Soccer Club.

Exit 475W at Talmadge Rd.
Turn left off the exit.
Go to the 2nd light and turn right onto Central Ave.
Turn right at the 3rd light (just after going under the railroad bridge) into the parking lot for Key Bank Field- Home of the Pacesetter Soccer Club.
What forms are required to register my team?
Once your team has been accepted, all required forms and information for registration can be found on the tournament website under the Forms tab: www.pacesettersoccerinvitational.com
How do I get the required forms?
Once your team has been accepted, you will be able to log in using your team ID number. Download the forms using the “Forms” tab or Get Duplicate Forms box.
Do my medical release forms have to be notarized?
No, OYSAN no longer requires medical release forms to be notarized. This is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED but not required.
We are a team from Ohio South. What is the the guest player permission to travel form?
Ohio South refers to this guest player permission to travel as the "Tournament Guest Player Roster Form".

This provides the necessary approval and insurance from the state association for a guest player. More information at: http://www.osysa.com/tournaments/etravel_forms/
We are a US Club carded team. Do we need medical release forms?
If you are a US Club carded team you must present US Club documents. US Club obtains all player information and authorization for medical treatment on the Youth Player Registration & Medical Treatment Authorization Form. This form serves as your medical release form.
We are a US Club carded team. What is the Youth Player Registration & Medical Treatment Authorization Form?
This is the form that parents/guardians complete at the beginning of the season when players are carded with US Club soccer. It is Form #R002Youth. This form serves as both Registration and Medical Treatment and Liability Waiver for US Club carded players. More information can be obtained at www.usclubsoccer.org. Click the Registration Tab and select General Forms from the drop-down list.
We are an out of town team. Do we need a Permit to Travel?
If your US Youth-carded-team is located outside of Ohio-North, you will need a Permit to Travel/Notification to Travel from your state association.

Please contact your league representative or state association for further information.

We have provided links for some state leagues below. Many states use the e-Travel system. Each state determines the documents required for travel out of state.

**Michigan Youth Soccer Association: Provides an Explanation of MSYSA Travel Forms required by MSYSA—for additional information on e-Travel Forms-online travel forms please visit: http://www.michiganyouthsoccer.org

Per MSYSA website you will need :
1.Permission to Travel (Notification to Travel)
2. Guest Player Loan Form: Use this form when a player residing in Michigan will be playing in a tournament for a team they are not normally registered to.

Information/Instructions for "How To Submit A Guest Player Form Request" can be found at: (from the Michigan Youth Soccer Association website--http://www.michiganyouthsoccer.org)

***Please note you will also need to complete the 2015 PSI Guest Player Roster for the tournament weekend.

**Ohio South Youth Soccer Association-OSYSA
US Youth Soccer Travel Policy and E-Travel System: Form Selection Center:

**Indiana Soccer: http://www.soccerindiana.org/service/travel_permits.aspx

**Illinois Soccer (IYSA):

**Kentucky Youth Soccer

**Pennsylvania Soccer
West: www.pawest-soccer.org/misc/forms.htm
In order to obtain permission to travel, click on "Travel Notification". In order to register a guest player, click on ‘Guest Player Form (pdf)’

**New York:
East: Must obtain authorization to travel at least 72 hours before the tournament starts at the following link: https://app1.sportssignup.com/enyysa/travel.html.

West: Use the following link: http://www.nyswysa.org/scripts/runisa.dll?m2:gp::72051+L2/+E+109. To obtain permission for the team to travel to our tournament, scroll down to “Travel Forms” and click on “Permission to Travel Form.” To obtain approval to bring a guest player, scroll down to “Tournament Forms” and click on “Tournament Guest Player Form.”

**Ontario, Canada:
We want to bring Guest Players, where can we get a Guest Player Roster form?
Non Ohio North teams should use their own State Association's Tournament Guest Player Roster Form and have it approved/validated by your state association. Please make sure to allow plenty of time to do this and note that some state associations charge a fee for the guest player.
**You must also print and complete a PSI Guest Player Roster using the Forms tab on the tournament website.
What is the difference between e.g. Michigan Guest Player Loan Form and PSI Guest Player Roster?
The Guest Player Loan Form is needed from the MI State Association for each guest player. This provides the necessary approval and insurance from the state association for a guest player.
Guest Player Loan Form (processed by The Tournament Center)
Use this form when a player residing in Michigan will be playing in a tournament as a guest player for a team they are not normally registered to.

The PSI Guest Player Roster is a document specifically for the PSI Tournament. One copy of the PSI Guest Player Roster will be kept with other state permission to travel documents in the headquarter tent. The second copy should be kept with your official team tournament roster for the entire tournament weekend.
What is the difference between Team Permission to Travel and Guest Player Roster/Guest Permission to travel?
In most states, each team must have permission to travel. Each GUEST player must ALSO have permission to travel as they are not listed on the team roster nor covered by the team permission to travel. A guest player roster form/guest permission to travel serves as the guest player’s permission to travel.
Why do I need to bring 2 copies of my roster (and guest roster if applicable)?
You need 2 copies of team roster (and PSI Guest roster if applicable). Both copies are checked. One copy will be kept on file in the headquarters tent and the other copy will become your official approved tournament roster. The official tournament roster must be kept with you during the entire tournament weekend.
Do player and coach pass cards need to be laminated?
Yes, current validated player and coaches pass cards need to be laminated prior to the PSI tournament weekend. Player cards will be presented prior to each match.
How many guest players are permitted?
Please review chart below--The tournament allows 5 guest players.

Be sure that the combination of your rostered players and guest players do not exceed the maximum allowed for your age group.

U8-10 playing 6v6=12players
U11-12 playing 8v8=14 players
U12-16 playing 11v11=18 players
U17-19 playing 11v11=22 players-but may dress only 18 per game
If I forget to pick up my parking passes at Registration where do I get them?
Parking passes can be picked up at the tournament headquarters tent. Please note that cars are not admitted to on-site parking without a tournament parking pass. Off-site parking and shuttle service must be used for transportation to the Pacesetter Park tournament facility if you do not have a tournament parking pass for your vehicle.
We are a US Club carded team. Can we have a US YOUTH carded player guest play with us for the tournament?
No, All players on your team (rostered and guests) must be registered with US Club Soccer. A US CLUB Player Registration Number is required to be included on the roster.
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We will be posting questions on this page as they are asked, so check here before calling. (We are always are happy to talk to you, but this may save you time and a good healthy game of phone tag.)


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