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WHEN: May 28-30, 2011
WHERE: Toledo, Ohio
FEES: U8-U10 (6v6) $465; U10-U12 (8v8) $520; U12-U14 (11v11) $520; U15 and up $550
Application deadline was: Friday, Apr 1, 2011
PAY TO:  Pacesetter Soccer Invitational (PSI); 5400 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH 43615

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Division Champions and Finalists
May 31, 2011

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Division Champions and Finalists
May 31, 2011
We will be determining division champions and finalists from this weekend's PSI event and making arrangements to send, deliver or provide the tournament trophies to those teams identified. I'll be honest, this is new territory for us and as such we have spent considerable time and effort, as a committee, contemplating various approaches to determine the division winners.

Both the Best of the Midwest, run by Chicago Magic and the Canton Cup, run by Canton Soccer Club were also cancelled due to weather and field conditions. Best of the Midwest, like us, had their tournament HQ destroyed by the storm that swept through on Sunday. As such, they are faced with similar issues and we were able to brainstorm with them.

We sought counsel from those who have experienced such lost before - looking for some precedent or ruling that would identify the proper methodology. We spoke to Got Soccer with respect to how our decisions would affect their ranking and point assignments and were heavily influenced by their input. (As an aside, it is the policy of Got Soccer to ignore any points in their ranking when a tournament championship is not derived from 3 preliminary results - and they discount results when they are artificially derived. For example -- it is our understanding that they would reject the rankings derived by the process of making an assignment of a 2-2 tie for any unplayed games.)

The following is the policy that we have defined for determining the division winners and finalists.

We will work through our existing tournament format, advancing teams into semi finals and finals game slots strictly following what is outlined in our rules Part 20-A. Because there are no match results to determine the winners of any semi-final matches, we will next apply the process described in our rules in Part 20-B.

The process will work pretty straight forward when all teams in the division had 3 results from preliminary play. We will advance teams from groups into the semi-final game slots - and then advance teams from semi-final game slots to finals game slots. Winners will be declared based upon applying Rule 20-B.

The process gets a little more complicated when all teams in the division did not have 3 results from preliminary play. For example, in some divisions teams in Group A played 3 games, teams in Group B played 2. In other divisions, some teams in Group A played 2 games, others 3. In that scenario -- here is the way we will determine the advancements:

Case 1: Same number of games in group play -- teams will be advanced out of the group based upon our rules Part 20-B.

Case 2: Unequal number of games in group play -- we will compute a statistical average of Total Points, Goal Differential, and Goals Against and then apply Part 20-B to advance teams.

Case 3: If necessary -- as outlined in Part 20-B, a draw may be made to produce a pairing to separate teams who have played each other in preliminary play.

Case 4: When advancing teams out of semis -- if there are an unequal number of game results amongst the groups - we will compute the statistical average of Total Points, Goal Differential, and Goals Against and then apply Part 20-B to advance teams out of semis into the finals game slots -- and to determine the Champion of the finals.

We realize that this process is just that -- a process that tries to capture the essence of what most likely would have happened. We also know that it is imperfect - and in some cases the results may not perfectly reflect what may have actually happened if Mother Nature had allowed the game to be played. But that is the game of soccer. The better team does not always win. Sometimes the lucky team wins. Sometimes - the difference in who advances is based upon one goal that was scored - that haunts the team and changes the outcome. That stinks and we regret it. But we cannot and will not get into the business of making this decision on an arbitrary basis of who we think should be declared a winner. But we will, to the best of our ability, let our results be guided by the process identified in this email.

Again, we regret the need to determine the results of our tournament in such a way, but we do want to determine results and distribute the trophies, to celebrate the game of soccer and reward teams that played the best they could in the worst of circumstances.

We appreciate your patience in waiting for this information. We hope to have completed the execution of this process by the end of the day on Wednesday, June 1st. Once complete, we will begin to contact teams to make arrangements for the delivery of the trophies. For teams that have the ability to come and collect the trophies from our field house, we will ask you to do so. For teams that lie outside a 30 mile radius - we will contact you to and make arrangements to mail them or drive them to you (once we calculate the cost of gas versus the cost of postage!)

If you have questions or concerns, you may email me at

Kind regards,
Teresa Keefe
PSI Tournament Director

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